Trust Activities


is a trust activity that you can do with any age in the classroom.


is an easy to set up activity that, depending on how you frame it or where you put it in the sequence can be used as a warm-up, deinhibitizer, or trust activity, and maybe even group problem-solving. I like to use it when I need to get the group to move from one location to another. It’s a transition activity with a lesson!

High Risk, Low Risk

is a trust activity for the classroom setting.

Hog Call

is a very loud and fun deinhibitizer or trust activity.

Human Camera

is a partner activity that focuses on Trust.

Integrity Ball

is a good activity giving participants the opportunity to show they can be trusted.

Kindergarten Yurt Circle

The Yurt Circle is a great trust-building activity for any group, but with the little ones I have found that there must be a sequence leading up to the actual Yurt Circle and it can take a long time.

Mirror Image

is a beginning trust activity.


is a fun trust activity that works well with a whole classroom. It can be a fun way to introduce, review, or remember a sequence. It is also a good deinhibitizer.


is a fun activity for trust building, and listening.

Sherpa Walk

is a beginning trust activity.

Trust Walk

is a beginning trust activity that works with any age.

Yurt Circle

is a trust activity that must be directed carefully. It is safe when done correctly, but has a component of perceived risk and gives group members a good opportunity to show others they can be trusted.