Labor Relations

Sequim School District Labor and Employee Relations

The labor and employee relations function of the HR office is about the District’s relationship with represented and non-represented employees. It is responsible for administering Collective Bargaining Agreements and policies impacting all employees, including contract grievance procedures, accommodations and allegations of violations of District policies governing workplace conduct.

It is the process for all complaints and/or concerns be brought to the employee’s immediate supervisor and/or the School Leader. This process ensures that resolutions come from the lowest level possible.

If no resolution is made at the lowest level or if the complaint/concern involves the employee’s supervisor (i.e. a School Leader), see below for forms and instructions on submitting complaints/concerns to Human Resources.

Note: Labor and Employee relations agrees with Dr. Brene Brown. "Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame." Learning and growing from our mistakes is a grace we must give to each other. Complaints are taken seriously, and provide pathways toward improvement. They are not weapons to be used against each other, but tools for progress. The best possible outcome is changed behavior for the better, and this takes a lot of work, grace, humility and tenacity from all parties. Additionally, it is important to note that not all complaints will lead to discipline.  

Complaint Forms

Harassment Intimidation & Bullying Complaint Form (Adult/Staff)
Discrimination Complaint Form
Retaliation Complaint Form