Travel Request


Complete the Travel Request Form and return to the District Office

Prior approval must be obtained for all travel both in and out of district for any reason (travel to the ESD, conferences, student athletics, and activities which include field trips, overnight stays, etc.), regardless if a substitute is needed or not. This includes professional development where you are out of your regular work place.

     • Prior to submitting the Travel Request form, contact Facilities/Travel Coordinator and/or Transportation to confirm vehicle availability. Use of private cars must be preauthorized.
     • Complete Travel Request form in its entirety. Incomplete forms will be returned.
     • Estimate all expenses related to travel. Keep in mind breakfast is not provided on the day of departure nor is dinner provided on the day of return. No meals are provided if they are included in conference fees.
     • A separate form must be submitted for each occurrence of travel, trip, or professional development.
     • A completed hardcopy of the Travel Request form must be submitted to your direct supervisor/administrator BEFORE the trip can be processed.
     • Account Codes and percentages must be included on each Travel Request.
     • The Athletic Director must also sign the form if student athletics are involved.
     • If you are supervising athletics or events, you must have pre-approval from your direct supervisor.
     • Form must be submitted to the Facilities/Travel Coordinator at least ten (10) days in advance of departure.
     • Be sure to retain a copy of your completed form for your records.
     • Board approval is required for out-of-state, out-of-country and/or overnight travel for all staff and students.
     • You will receive notification of approval for your Travel Request from the Facilities/Travel Coordinator via email. ONLY after approval should you/your building make reservations for hotels or conferences. Once registration and/or hotel reservations are made, send copies of the receipts to Sequim School District Accounts Payable.
     • Any travel request that requires a bus, will be forwarded to the Transportation Department by the Facilities/Travel Coordinator. Please DO NOT send Travel Request forms directly to Transportation.
     • All absences must be entered in ReadySub regardless if a substitute is required for your absence or not. This can be done at 
     • Cancellations must be communicated to Facilities/Travel Coordinator 3 hours prior to departure time. If a bus is reserved, please call transportation immediately at 360-582-3273.
     • Upon completion of trip, a pre and post mileage is required for all vehicles (district or personal). If you have been preapproved to drive your own vehicle and seek reimbursement, complete and return the Mileage Reimbursement Form.
     * If your travel involves bus travel, the travel request must arrive a minimum of 10 days before the trip, and you must contact transportation so arrangements can be made.

     * If your travel involves a ferry crossing with students, the Washington State Ferries requires AT LEAST 72 hours' notice including the number of students and whether they are under/over 90 lbs. This is to ensure space is available for buses and vans and also that there are adequate life jackets on board the vessel. Please fill out and print the school discount authorization letter.  Also, complete the "Advance travel notification and student safety form"   and submit it online at least 72 hours prior to your departure.  Failure to do so could result in denial to board.  For more information, please visit School groups | WSDOT (