Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Department,

The Sequim School District is committed to ensuring high expectation and high-quality schools for every student.  We believe all students have the essential right to a quality instructional program that meets their individual needs, is connected to their community and the world around them, and is based on a guaranteed, viable, and culturally responsive curriculum. We establish ongoing goals for student growth and achievement based on formative and summative assessment data, research and school and community expectations. We know that students are most successful when jointly supported by parents, school, and community. Together, we have an individual and collective responsibility to our students and to the ongoing continuous improvement of student learning.

The Teaching and Learning Department is responsible for ensuring each student has equitable access to quality teaching and learning every day.

The Teaching and Learning team supports, encourages, and inspires staff in these areas, as well as, continuously works to develop a dynamic coherent and viable curriculum, system-wide assessment structures and ongoing professional learning for continuous school and district improvement.

For more information contact:

Donna Hudson
Executive Director 
  Renee Alcafaras
Senior Educational Support Specialist/Foster Care
  Jodi Olson
Highly Capable Coordinator
[email protected]
Cathy Bourm 
McKinney-Vento & Attendance Liaison
  Jennifer Cox
District Assessment and
Student Information Manager