Past Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Strategic Plan Timeline
During the 2017-18 academic year, Sequim School District (SSD) formed a planning team of district staff, faculty, and community partners in an effort to create a five year Strategic Plan. This planning process allows the district to systematically envision its future and translate that vision into broadly defined goals, as well as create a sequence of steps necessary to achieve each goal. To facilitate this process, Dr. David Engle, former Superintendent of Port Townsend School District, was asked to lead the team, as his background and experiences made him the right leader to guide SSD successfully thru the process. During Phase I of planning, the team met with their objective set on writing a new Vision and Mission for SSD. These statements were presented to the School Board on January 2, 2018 and were officially adopted.

Vision- Our community inspires and prepares each student to thrive.

Mission- In connection with our community, the Sequim School District empowers staff to inspire hope and provide flexible, innovative learning opportunities in a safe and respectful environment so each student thrives.

Phase II of Strategic Planning began in February 2018. With the team ready to get back to work, Dr. Engle began by explaining that the objective was to envision what Sequim School District could look like five years from now. Over nine planning sessions, held between February and June, the team worked diligently to create a proposed goal for each of the six established pillars; fiscal, technology, safety and security, teaching and learning, information and communication, and community connection and resources. On June 18, 2018, Dr. Engle presented these goals to the School Board, proposing they be adopted. On July 16th, the School Board moved to adopt the addition of the goals to our Strategic Plan.

Fiscal- Our District will develop and implement an annual budget aligned with the Strategic Plan that ensures the equitable and efficient distribution of resources to support district goals.

Technology- In our district technology will be used to support and fulfill the needs of teachers, learners, and support staff in accomplishing district and community goals. Innovation, communication and media literacy will be hallmarks of technology use in Sequim School District, as the district prepares future citizens for their lives in a digitally connected world.

Safety & Security- Our district will provide safe, sustainable, and adaptable facilities that support all staff, students, and community partners and foster positive relationships for all stakeholders.

Teaching & Learning- Teaching in our district will be collaborative, focused, and reflective. Learning will be supported by innovative, flexible, project-based opportunities utilizing community partners to develop citizenship.

Information & Communication- Our district will engage in a multi-level approach to improve equitable methods of communication and information practices to enhance awareness, engagement, and empowerment in all stakeholders.

Community Connection & Resources- Our District will discover, develop, and nurture dynamic, local and global partnerships to maximize resources which support the education of each student and enhance our community.