Notice to Parents of OSPI Infectious Disease

The School District is governed by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). The new OSPI Infectious Disease Guide has been released. The last update was in 2004 so there are quite a few changes that affect health services in the Sequim School District. One of the biggest changes is the notification of parents about infectious diseases.
To be compliant, health services can only notify parents about Varicella (chicken pox) and scabies.
There are conditions that put certain individuals at greater risk from an infectious disease and we would certainly want to notify the parent of any student at risk for complications. So, it is very important that you notify health services if your child has a condition that puts them at increased risk. For example, with any streptococcal infection, having had rheumatic fever or a kidney infection increases risk factors. Other risk factors are as follows: chronic disease, nutritional deficiencies, debilitating illness, anemia or immunodeficiencies, and those who are pregnant are all considered “high risk.” Those at increased risk are encouraged to consult with their licensed health care provider who can assess the risk and make appropriate recommendations for treatment.
Additionally, the following conditions now require a licensed health care provider’s authorization (Physician note) in order for your child to return to school:
• Pink eye (conjunctivitis) either with or without treatment
• Hepatitis (not type B or C)
• Meningitis
• MRSA-lesions must be covered
• Pertussis (whooping cough)
• Polio
• C.diff – food handlers (diarrhea must be gone for 2 days)
• Ringworm-excluded until treatment started. Needs MD authorization for PE
• Herpes Simplex Virus (cold sores) draining lesions excluded, must be crusted or authorized by District Nurse
• Impetigo- draining lesions excluded