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Emergency Warning Signs of Respiratory Illness ~ English
Emergency Warning Signs of Respiratory Illness ~ Spanish

Clallam County Symptoms Exposure Flowchart 11.22

November 2022 Family Covid Testing Announcement

We have FREE/UNLIMITED iHealth Rapid Antigen Home Covid-19 tests available to everyone 
(to take home for self-testing). Please be aware the expiry date has been extended indefinitely past what is printed on the box if the “control line” shows up during the test and they have been stored in a dry location between 36-86 degrees F.

**Please notify Covid Central of any positive test results or of any household exposure to Covid-19. Call (360)582-3433 after 9:00am or e-mail: [email protected]

** Additionally, the parent/guardian are to report all positive “home” test results to Washington State Department of Health (WSDOH) hotline at 1-800-525-0127 or visit the Say Yes COVID Test website to report results:

     English: About the Tests - Say Yes! To Covid Test (

     Spanish: About the Tests - Say Yes! To Covid Test (


Sequim School District
Health Services Staff
Contact Us:

School Nurse 
Sonja Bittner BSN, RN
[email protected]

Health Services Specialist 
Ardis Mangano
[email protected]

Helen Haller Health Clerk
Cherie Hendrickson
[email protected]

Middle School Health Clerk
Kate Ross
[email protected]
360-582-3509 office

High School Health Clerk 
Celene Frick
[email protected]

Greywolf Health Clerk
Cassie Cobb
[email protected]

HHE, OPA, SMS Health Clerk
Kyla Adolphe
[email protected]