General Information


Payroll Deadline for additional pay - Last business day of the month. 

Payroll Cut-off day for payroll changes is the 10th of each month.  This applies to all changes to payroll deductions, withholding, annuities, credit union deductions, etc.

Pay Day is the last business day of each month.  Business day is defined as "any day in which normal business operations can be conducted, generally Monday through Friday, excludes weekends and public holidays."  Business day does not change depending on whatever calendar the district decides on for breaks and school year end date.

2023-2024 Pay Dates:

09/29/23 01/31/24 05/31/24
10/31/23 02/29/24 06/28/24
11/30/23 03/29/24 07/31/24
12/29/23** 04/30/24  08/30/24

** Note:  date falls during a school break

Direct Deposit is required and available to the bank of your choice.  Please take advantage of this convenient way to direct deposit your net pay each month!

Report address and telephone number changes promptly to Payroll/Human Resources.  This not only affects your school district records but also your retirement, W-2 information, benefits and insurance records.  It is important to keep this information always current.

Access your pay records via your Employee Access LogonPlease make sure that all information is correct and if you have any questions or concerns, please call the Payroll office direct at either 360-582-3247 or 360-582-3267.