Highly Capable (Hi-Cap)

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HiCap Program Description

Program Mission Statement

Sequim School District believes that students who possess exceptional abilities or potential to perform should be given the opportunity to fulfill that potential by:
Learning challenging academic material;
Learning to reason effectively; and
Learning to think creatively.

An appropriate education will provide these students the tools and background they need to become confident and productive adults.

Program Goals

The Sequim School District Highly Capable Program will:
• Identify students who have high intellectual and academic ability;
• Support the classroom teachers in providing differentiated instruction appropriate to the needs of highly capable students;
• Develop abilities for quality production and critical/creative thinking in students;
• Place students among their intellectual peer group; and
• Engage in ongoing program evaluation and revision (WAC 392-170-030).

Additional Intellectual/Academic and Social/Emotional goals for highly capable students include:
• Expansion of academic attainments and intellectual skills by pressing for high-level mastery of Washington State Learning Standards and depth of knowledge;
• Development of the ability to understand and work through complex tasks;
• Analysis, synthesis and communication of information at a deeper level;
• Engagement in goal setting specific to a student’s own intellectual, social and emotional learning;
• Development of collaboration and lifelong learning skills; and
• Development of leadership skills and a growth mindset.

Jodi Olson-Highly Capable Program Coordinator/Teacher
(360) 775-7083
[email protected]

Sequim School District Referral for Highly Capable Students 2022-23 School Year

**Students who were previously identified by Sequim School District will continue to receive services and do not need to re-apply.**

The Sequim School District announces an open referral process from December 1 - January 31 for students currently in K-12 who may qualify for Highly Capable (Hi-Cap) Program services. Anyone may refer students, including but not limited to: teachers, parents/guardians, staff, friends, students, members of the community, however, parent/guardian permission will be required for testing. If you are unsure of the characteristics of Highly Capable learners, please refer to: http://www.nagc.org/resources-publications/resources/my-child-gifted/common-characteristics-gifted-individuals

Referral Packets:
Highly Capable Referral Packet
Paquete de referencia altamente capaz

Paper referral forms are available at each school, the District Office, the Sequim Boys & Girls Club, and at the Sequim Public Library. Referral forms must be fully completed and received by close of business on January 31. Due to time constraints, referrals received after January 31 will not be considered. All referrals must be returned to the Highly Capable Program Coordinator, Jodi Olson at Sequim Middle School, school building secretaries or the District Office.

If your child is NEW to the Sequim School District and exhibits gifted characteristics, please contact the Highly Capable Program Coordinator.

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