Explore: 2-Bell Schedule

Exploration: Two Bell School Start Schedule and Two-Tiered Bussing System (designed for a K-5 run and a 6-12 run)

Students Experience Significant Academic and Health Advantages

Extensive research highlights the effectiveness of later school start times in mitigating chronic sleep deprivation among children and adolescents. The robust findings have prompted the American Academy of Pediatrics to formally advocate for delayed start times for middle and high school students.

Initiating classes after 8:30 a.m. for middle and high school aged students produced a variety of positive results, including:

  • students reporting feeling healthier and less likely to be depressed
  • significant reduction in local car crashes
  • less absenteeism and less tardiness
  • higher scores on national achievement tests

We recognize that any kind of change is significant and impacts everyone. We also want to create the best possible conditions for our students to learn.

Community Feedback

Commencing the week of February 12th, the Sequim School District will distribute a survey to its staff, families, and students seeking feedback on the potential implementation of a Two Bell School Start Schedule. The survey will remain available for responses until 3 pm on Monday, February 26th.

Possible Challenges of a New Start Time

Recognizing the potential benefits and advantages of such a change, we acknowledge that it could present numerous challenges for our community.

Schedule Disruption in the Community: The primary concern is the potential disruption to the schedules of parents, siblings, and community partners due to alterations in school schedules.

Implementing Two Bus Runs: Our district has a limited number of buses and bus drivers. We have been experiencing a bus driver shortage. Due to these constraints, the potential opportunity of transporting our students in shifts to maximize the efficiency of buses and drivers may be a great opportunity.