Reproduction Fees

Per the state of Washington's Public Records Act, 42.56 RCW, agencies may charge to recover the actual cost of making and providing copies of records when fulfilling requests. The District's fee framework is outlined in Board Policy 4040 and 4040P.

For large requests, the District may:

  • Require a deposit of up to 10 percent of the estimated cost before making copies.
  • Provide copies in installments.
  • Require payment before providing further installments.
Delivery Method/Materials Description Cost
Online delivery through our public records request program, JustFOIA

There are three steps where charges may be incurred for receiving records through JustFOIA:

  1. A charge for uploading digital records (audio, electronic documents, photo, video) to the system; fee is determined by electronic file size.
  2. Charge per minute of staff time to attach records to a response (minimum two minutes of staff time).
  3. Charge of staff time for each increment of 25 attachments to release records to the customer.
Cost for each step:

  1. Record less than 1GB = $.02 (minimum fee); Record exceeds 1GB = $.09 per GB
  2. $.68 per minute
  3. $.68 per minute


Records are copied to optical storage devices such as CD or DVD

$1 per disc

Paper Copies

A per-page charge for hard copies of requested records. B&W or color. 8.5x11; 8.5x14; 11x17; double-sided or single sided.

$.15 per page


A per-page charge for converting a record from a paper copy to an electronic format.

$.10 per page

Flash drives and other formats

Customer can request records be delivered on a flash, thumb, USB and other portable storage devices.

Actual cost

Outside vendor

Outside vendors can be used for unusual formats, large quantities or when a requestor asks for delivery of copies faster than the District can process.

Actual cost


If a customer requests records be delivered by U.S. Postal Service.

Actual cost (based on weight)

Mailing materials

Material to package records for mailing:
Any size manila envelope. $.45
Disc protector (carboard, jewel case, etc.) $.50