School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program

Sequim School District has again partnered with our insurance broker The Partners Group to assist our employees with benefits.  The Partners Group has put together an Employee Benefit Guide to help you learn more about your new SEBB benefits, review highlights of the available plans, and make selections that best fit your lifestyle and budgetary needs. 

Virtual benefits fair

Virtual Benefits fair is a new way to learn about your benefit options through an online experience, and it's available anytime, day or night, during the first annual open enrollment.

Visit and explore to learn more about all the benefits available.  You will find links to videos, downloadable content, provider searches, and other information to help you choose the right plans for you and your dependents.  Use your computer, table, or smartphone to visit at your own pace. 

School Employee Benefits Board (SEBB) 

School District employees benefits are managed through the School Employee Benefits Board (SEBB). Any employee anticipated to work at least 630 hours in the school year is eligible for benefits,   Dental, Vision, Basic Life/AD&D, Basic Long Term Disability are paid for by the District. Supplemental life insurance and long term disability can be purchased by the employee and also set up a Health Flexible Spending (FSA) accounts. Dependent Care Assistant Program (DCAP) account and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) if they qualify.

All eligible employees must apply for and manage their benefits through SEBB My Account.  If you have questions on how to set up your SEBB My Account please us the SEBB My Account Users Guide that has instructions on how to set up your account. 
CONTINUING EMPLOYEES can make changes to medical, dental and vision during OPEN ENROLLMENT in the fall each year.  Changes take effect January 1 of the following year. An employee may be eligible for a SPECIAL OPEN ENROLLMENT for events such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child, loss of insurance coverage by the employee or dependent or a change in residence resulting in a current health plan becoming unavailable. Please contact the Payroll Office as soon as possible should you anticipate or experience a special enrollment event.  See SEBB Special Open Enrollment for more information and apply through SEBB My Account. 
NEW EMPLOYEES will be evaluated for eligibility at the time of hire and given written notification and instructions on how to enroll if eligible or how to appeal if not eligible.  All eligible employees must enroll in benefits using SEBB My Account within their thirty day enrollment period. The employee may waive medical coverage under certain circumstances.  If an eligible employee does not enroll in benefits during their enrollment period they will be defaulted into medical coverage.  Please read your eligibility notice carefully for instructions and deadlines and contact the Payroll Office for assistance.  
Employees not initially eligible for SEBB Benefits may qualify later if your hours change or you work more than 630 hours in a school year. The Payroll Office will provide you with a notice of eligibility at that time with instructions on how to enroll and deadlines. See SEBB Eligibility Determination for more information.  Please contact the Payroll Office if you have questions about your eligibility.

Welcome packets and ID cardsIf an employee is enrolled in SEBB Program benefits, their health plans will send welcome packets to give more information about the coverage they elected. In that welcome packet, employees may also receive an identification (ID) card to show to health care providers when receiving services. (The Uniform Dental Plan does not mail ID cards, but you can download one directly from the UDP website.)  Questions about Premera ID cards please create an account (or use an existing Premera log in if you had created one prior to SEBB) at Premera's website.  Questions about Uniform Medical Plan ID cards please create an account and log in to download or order a new card.  

To learn more about SEBB Program health plans, read the certificates of coverage (COCs) and summaries of benefits and coverage (SBCs) for each plan, or visit the plan websites.

If you have questions about your specific medical, dental or vision insurance benefits please contact your provider directly.  

Helpful Links:
SEBB School Employees Information
Help with SEBB My Account
SEBB My Account
SEBB Guia De Inscripcion Para Empleados Escolares

Attesting to premium surcharges

The Legislature requires two premium surcharges that, if they apply, may be added to employees’ monthly medical premiums.

  • The tobacco use premium surcharge is a monthly $25 surcharge per account if an employee or a dependent (age 13 and older) enrolled on their SEBB medical uses a tobacco product.
  • The spouse or state-registered domestic partner coverage premium surcharge is a monthly $50 surcharge if an employee has a spouse enrolled on their SEBB medical, and the spouse has elected not to enroll in their own employer-based group medical insurance — if that employer-based group medical insurance is comparable to PEBB’s Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) Classic.

Employees must make their attestations in SEBB My Account or on their paper enrollment form during enrollment as applicable. 

Note: Premium surcharges do not apply to employees who waive medical coverage.

How do I find the SmartHealth wellness incentive?

Employees who completed the SmartHealth Well-being Assessment during the first annual open enrollment will receive the $125 SmartHealth wellness incentive in January 2022. How they receive the incentive depends on the type of SEBB medical plan chosen.

  • UMP High Deductible: HCA will deposit $125 into your health savings account (HSA) in January 2022.
  • All other medical plans: Employees will receive a $125 reduction to their SEBB medical plan deductible in January 2022.

Qualify for $125 in 2022

Employees enrolled in SEBB medical coverage in 2022 can qualify for a $125 wellness incentive for 2022. Here’s how:

  • Go to the SmartHealth portal and click Get Started.
  • Complete the SmartHealth Well-being Assessment. This step earns 800 SmartHealth points.
  • Earn at least 2,000 total points on SmartHealth by joining and tracking fun activities. Once they hit 2,000 points, they will qualify for the wellness incentive for the following plan year. SmartHealth points start over every year in January.

Visit the SmartHealth webpage to learn more.

Name beneficiaries

Employees must name a beneficiary for both their basic and supplemental life and AD&D insurance. They can do this at any time. To name or update a beneficiary, login to MetLife’s MyBenefits portal. Go to the profile page, click Group Life Insurance, then click the Beneficiaries tab. You can also download the Group Term Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation form, or call MetLife at 1-833-854-9624 to request the form.