Readmission Process



The readmission process is different from and does not replace the appeal process. Students who have been suspended or expelled may make a written request for readmission to the district at any time. If a student desires to be readmitted at the school from which they have been suspended/expelled, the student will submit a written application to the principal, who will recommend admission or non-admission. If a student wishes admission to another school, they will submit the written application to the Superintendent. The application will include:
• The reasons the student wants to return and why the request should be considered
• Any evidence that supports the request; and 
• A supporting statement from the parent or others who may have assisted the student. 
The Superintendent will advise the student and parent of the decision within seven (7) school days of the receipt of such application.  
To apply for readmission, send a written request to the Office of the Superintendent, 503 N. Sequim Ave, Sequim, WA 98382 


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