Wins of Work

Wins of Work

Professionalism, ingenuity, compassion, creativity, integrity and grit. This is our Sequim School District staff, and here is where we celebrate their WOW!

I just want to share something that brings a smile to my face everyday.  Driving to work in the morning, I have the pleasure to witness one of Sequim School District’s bus drivers, Kelly McCants, assist our students onto the school bus.  The kindness and positive energy she brings into our students’ lives is sheer happiness.  Thank you Kelly for making our world a brighter place.

- Valorie, HR Specialist

The HHE Office staff want to send a huge thank you for our amazing office paint job to the wonderful John Cherrett. He was like a silent painting ninja came in did the work and made it look like and smell like it never happened, well except for the wonderful new color brightening our space!

I wanted to share how much I appreciate Spencer Chisnall and the work he does for our district. Spencer is quick to help and always has a positive attitude. Thank you, Spencer! 
Renee Alcafaras, Senior Educational Support Specialist 

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Cathy Bourm! We were in a bit of a pickle this morning with two secretaries out, state testing, and a plethora of other activities. I asked Cathy if she could help. Without hesitation, Cathy came over and dove in to cover the attendance position. Her professionalism and positive attitude are so appreciated.
-Erin Fox, Principal of Sequim High School

I personally am grateful for two groups of people, our groundskeeper and the maintenance crew. Our groundskeeper at the High School is amazing and as a result, the campus looks as good as I can remember in the 20 years I have been here.

Second, the combination of a portable heater and a chemistry hot plate tripped a breaker. On the same day as my maintenance request, I have visited by two maintenance teams. The breaker was fixed by one team. The night crew of Mark and Arron installed a switch for my exhaust fan that has not worked in a couple of years and also somehow got the heat back.  Having the outlets working, the exhaust fan working and the heat back on has significantly improved my working environment and my student’s learning environment.
- Isaac Rapelje, Teacher, Sequim High School

I just wanted to give a compliment to John Cherrett. He stopped by the office today and I was complimenting him on how amazing the landscaping looks at GWE and throughout the district! In addition, I also wanted to give a shout out to him for always checking in with our office before working on our grounds during the school day. He checked in today and I was able to send an email out ahead of time to our staff and inform them that he would be on our grounds tomorrow.

He is such a hard worker. I wanted his admins to know how much GWE appreciates his dedication.
- Tricia Stratton, Greywolf Elementary Office Coordinator

Ashley Adams,
 you are so helpful and considerate. You are the human in Human Resources and I appreciate that I can let you work everything out.
-Tom Saffold, SMS Teacher


Today, a thoughtful community member, in a random act of kindness, delivered coffee to a few of our employees on traffic duty. To the anonymous gifter of coffee - you made our day!

-Thankful, caffeinated and happy crossing guards!

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for Mrs. Lichten. Every morning she is out front managing the flow of traffic, making sure buses get into the school quickly, and helping parents get out of the parking lot safely as well.

The other thing I notice is the care she gives to the students walking across the street. Not just paying extra attention for their safety but chatting with them and making their first school moment of the day special and off to a good start.

She manages a tough assignment amazingly, and I really appreciate her.
-Grateful Parent

I watched a pro in action, last Thursday.  It was an honor.  I saw Cricket Hagan's 44 years teaching experience displayed in full, by maintaining classroom control and relative calm, while effectively responding to a student who was having a difficult time with self-regulation.  My niece is SO fortunate to be part of her classroom.  I can’t imagine a better learning environment!! Thank you, Thank YOU!!

Nancy Wyatt, Volunteer

I just had a mom and daughter in my office raving about how amazing Isaac Rapelje’s first day “fire” experiment was in Chemistry. The mom said her daughter talking about it all night long!
Erin Fox, Principal, Sequim High School

Thank you District Office staff for the help with flagging for the busses! All of us appreciate you so much!
Marcia Bowden, Bus Driver

Absolutely fantastic work coming from Doug Hastings. In the first week, he has stepped up to the plate on a number of levels. He has helped to facilitate new staff coming to the building, helping students manage the lunchroom policies, helped with our custodial staff setting up and taking down materials, and gone above and beyond to show that Greywolf CARES! 
Jennifer Lopez, Principal & Robbie Fox, Assistant Principal, Greywolf Elementary

Sean O’Mera and his incredible leadership student put on a fantastic welcome back assembly for all of the high school students and staff. 
Erin Fox, Principal, Sequim High School

Every single student who got off bus 5-14 today was smiling and laughing.  Students stepping off bus 5-14 seemed to be in great moods and happy to be here. Please pass my appreciation on to that driver would you?
Donna Hudson, Director of Teaching & Learning
I passed this on to the driver or 5-14, Larry Morales. Thank you for noticing, that was spot on. Larry works every day to maintain a respectful relationship with his students, often calling parents to let them know how good their student has been. He is truly a driver who shows up every day to make a difference.
Rich Fulmer, Director of Transportation

Thank you so much for reaching out to me Valorie Knieper! I truly appreciate that the Sequim School District has already contacted me about several positions I hadn't even considered. Honestly, that made a huge difference; normally I wouldn't even have even thought about applying for a middle school position, but after receiving your e-mail I thought, "You know what? I think I would enjoy that job!"
Applicant for SSD Positions

Thank you, Ashley Adams, for organizing and presenting the substitute orientation yesterday.  It is wonderful to see that our district has so many substitutes for this coming school year!  I know that preparing for such a large training can be quite a task, so I thank you for your efforts and expertise, along with those of Becky Stanton and our other presenters.  It was wonderful to come back together and to share in the excitement for our new school year.  
Kirsten Grove, Sequim School District Substitute