Employee Information

Helpful Links & Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Handbook
Filled with valuable information to equip our employees for success.

Payroll Forms
This link will direct you to helpful information regarding timesheets, family medical leave forms, tax forms, benefit information, and other pay-related items.

Human Resources Forms
Where you will find forms to change your name and/or address, request an unpaid leave of absence, request an accommodation, file a complaint and more.

Teacher Certification
Information regarding where to get the latest requirements for renewing a teaching certificate.

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
Here you will find useful information regarding certification, educator and paraeducator support, policies and more.

Professional Educators Standards Board (PESB)
Helpful information about certification pathways for educators and paraeducators, teacher preparation programs, clock hours and more.

Olympic Educational Service District (OESD114)
Clock hour transcripts, professional development and more.

This will connect you to our absence management system.

Maternity Leave Packet
Congratulations! Check out this packet for information about maternity leave.