Grievance and Appeals Process

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Grievance and Appeal Processes

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Any parent/guardian or student who is aggrieved by the administration of classroom exclusion and/or other forms of discipline, including discipline that excludes a student from transportation or extra-curricular activities and detention, has the right to an informal conference with the principal for resolving the grievance. If the grievance pertains to the action of an employee, the district will notify that employee of the grievance as soon as reasonably possible. 
At such conference, the student and parent will have the opportunity to voice issues and concerns related to the grievance and ask questions of staff members involved in the grievance matter. Staff members will have opportunity to respond to the issues and questions related to the grievance matter. Additionally, the principal will have opportunity to address issues and questions raised and to ask questions of the parent, student, and staff members. 
If after exhausting this remedy the grievance is not yet resolved, the parent and student will have the right, upon two (2) school business days’ prior notice, to present a written and/or oral grievance to the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent or designee will provide the parent and student with a written copy of its response to the grievance within ten (10) school business days. Use of the grievance process will not impede or postpone the disciplinary action, unless the principal or Superintendent elects to postpone the disciplinary action. 
Optional: districts may adopt additional and procedural protections for students by adding such to this procedure, which reflects the minimum due process requirements for student discipline established by state laws.   

To Present a Grievance call 360-582-3260 or mail or send a written request to the Office of the Superintendent, 503 N. Sequim Ave, Sequim, WA 98382.

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