Student Rights

Student's Rights

Freedom of Speech and Assembly
The free expression of student opinion is an important part of education in a democratic society. The district encourages students' verbal and written expression of opinion on school premises so long as it does not substantially disrupt the operation of the school or otherwise violate this policy. Students are expressly prohibited from the use of vulgar and/or offensive terms in classroom or assembly settings.

Student publications produced as part of the school's curriculum or with the support of the associated student body fund are intended to serve both as vehicles for instruction and student communication. Although substantively financed and operated by the district, student editors of school sponsored media are responsible for determining the news, opinion, feature, and advertising content of the media, consistent with chapter 28A.600 RCW. Material appearing in such publications may reflect various areas of student interest, including topics about which there may be controversy and dissent. When engaging with a controversial issue, student publications should strive to provide in-depth treatment and represent a variety of viewpoints.  

Individual students and student organizations may meet in school rooms or auditoriums, or at outdoor locations on school grounds, to discuss, pass resolutions and take other lawful action respecting any matter which directly or indirectly concerns or affects them, whether it relates to school. Such activities will not be permitted to interfere with the normal operation of the school.  

Peaceful demonstrations are permissible; however, they must be held in designated places where they will present no hazards to persons or property and at designated times that will not disrupt classes or other school activities. 

Searches of Students

Personal privacy is a fundamental aspect of individual liberty. All students possess the constitutional right to be secure in their persons, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. 

Staff will take particular care to respect students' privacy.

1. Any search
of a student conducted by a school district employee must be reasonably related to the discovery of contraband or other evidence of a student's violation of the law or school rules.

Staff will conduct searches in a manner which is not excessively intrusive in light of the age and sex of the student and the nature of the suspected infraction. 
No right or expectation of privacy exists for any student as to the use of any space issued or assigned to a student by the school. Lockers and other spaces are subject to search in accordance with district policy. 
Any student's locker, desk, or other storage area will be subject to search if reasonable grounds exist to suspect that the search will yield evidence of the student's violation of the law or school rules.
Any search of an individual student's locker will be conducted according to board policy governing personal searches. All student lockers may be searched at any time without prior notice and without reasonable suspicion that the search will yield evidence of any particular student's violation of the law or school rules.
Equal Educational Opportunity
Students have the right to equal educational opportunity and shall not be unlawfully discriminated against because of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, marital status, honorably-discharged veteran or military status, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability. This holds true for all students who are interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular activities.

Freedom from Interference with Education
All students shall have the right to be free from unlawful interference in their pursuit of an education while attending the public schools.

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