HIV/Aids Education Overview

Sequim School District HIV/AIDS Education Overview

Appendix A:

Sequim High School make up assignment for state mandated HIV education:


In response to the threat of HIV/AIDS in our population, the 1988 Washington State Legislature mandated that a program of prevention education be presented to public school students, beginning in fifth grade. This includes students in the Running Start program. The Sequim School District adopted an appropriate program of HIV prevention education with the advice of educators, parents and community members.

As many of you have no classes at the high school, the most effective way of presenting the material is through a homework assignment. Using the resource below (CDC), write an essay (2-3 pages long), describing how HIV/AIDS destroys the immune system, how it is transmitted and how to avoid acquiring the disease.

Essays are to be turned in to the high school office by May 15th, and are a requirement for your graduation this year.

Erin Fox

Sequim High School Principal