is an easy to set up activity that, depending on how you frame it or where you put it in the sequence can be used as a warm-up, deinhibitizer, or trust activity, and maybe even group problem-solving. I like to use it when I need to get the group to move from one location to another. It’s a transition activity with a lesson!

Bear, Salmon, Mosquito

is a fun game that can be used as a warm-up and deinhibitizer (because it requires handmotions and sounds) and later in the sequence it can make a good groupproblem-solving activity if framed correctly.

Group Cheers

is a deinhibitizer that requires a little cooperation.

Hog Call

is a very loud and fun deinhibitizer or trust activity.


is a fun deinhibitizer or trust activity that works well with a whole classroom. It can be a fun way to introduce, review, or remember a sequence.

People to People

is a simple deinhibitizer that works for all ages.

Red, Yellow, Green

is a simple deinhibitizer suited especially wellfor the younger ones, but works for all ages.

Screaming Toes

is a very loud and fun deinhibitizer.

Speed Rabbit

is a deinhibitizer with a cooperative twist.