Warm-Up Activities

After Vacation Rope Circles

is a quick warm-up that helps kids quickly debrief the events of a vacation that just ended. Keeps you from spending a large amount of class time with all the sharing they are excited to do.


is an easy to set up activity that, depending on how you frame it or where you put it in the sequence can be used as a warm-up, deinhibitizer, or trust activity, and maybe even group problem-solving. I like to use it when I need to get the group to move from one location to another. It’s a transition activity with a lesson!

Bear, Salmon, Mosquito

is a fun game that can be used as a warm-up and deinhibitizer and later in the sequence it can make a good group problem-solving activity if framed correctly.


gets students moving and helps them see that we all have things in common

Circle Up

is an activity I like to use to get a group organized, moving, and laughing. I use it as an attention getter before giving instructions.

Dragon Tag

is a cooperative (sort of) tag game

Everybody’s It

is a tag game and my favorite warm-up of all time!

Eye Contact Tag

is a fun activity for any size group.

Flip Me the Bird

is a fun tag game.

Growth Circles

A great warm up/get to know you activity that I use with almost every group

Heads-Tails Tag

is a tag game in teams (sort of…)

I Like Someone Who...

This is a fun and low risk activity to help groupmembers learn about each other and discover commonalities.


is a name game

Lost and Found

can be used when participants in the group need to find a partner.

Name Tag

is a name game

Name Toss

is a low risk game that helps students (and you) learn each other’s names.

Paired Activities

gives individual students a chance to learn about each other.

People Bingo

is a relatively low-risk get to know you activity

Silent Line-Up

is a good warm-up that can show you some things about how your class functions as a group.

Spot It!

is a good tool for getting kids up out of their seats and helping them begin to become familiar with each other. It can also be a good debriefing/processing tool.

Team Breath

is a simple phrase used to help center and focus groups. It is amazing how well it works.

Team Breath

is a simple phrase used to help center and focus groups. It is amazing how well it works.

Triangle Tag

is a cooperative tag game

Wizards and Gelflings

is a cooperative tag game