February 21, 2017

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“Inspire and Achieve“

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Telephone: (360) 582-3260, FAX: (360) 683-6303, www.sequim.k12.wa.us

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 – Meeting Rescheduled due to President’s Day Holiday

6:00pm – Regular Board Meeting, Immediately followed by a Board Work Session


President Robin Henrikson called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:00pm with all Board Members and Student Board Representatives present, noting the excused absence of Vice-President Bev Horan. The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted.

PRESENT – A sign-in sheet was provided and those who wished to sign in are listed below:

Robin Henrikson, President    Cody Richardson, Sequim Middle School

James Stoffer, Director     Karla Richardson, Citizens for Sequim Schools

Heather Short, Director     Brian Kuh, Citizens for Sequim Schools

Michael Howe, Director    Ayden Humphries, Sequim Middle School

Kaylee Gumm, Student Board Representative     Joey Oliver, Sequim High School

Téa Gauthun, Student Board Representative    Doug DeIvernois

Dr. Ann Renker, Assistant Superintendent    Amaran Sauiluma, Sequim Middle School

Heidi Hietpas, Fiscal and Operations    Tommy Hall, Sequim High School

Paul Wieneke, Human Resources    Pete Granum

Dan Ramberg, Boy Scout Troop 1102

Gary Neal, Superintendent

Marilyn Walsh, Administrative Assistant


Director Stoffer moved to approve of the minutes from the February 6, 2017 Regular Board Meeting as presented. Director Short seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


Director Short moved to approve the agenda as written. Director Howe seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


  • Student Board Representative Téa Gauthun reported that Helen Haller Elementary showed great improvement in math scores on MAP testing results. Helen Haller Elementary just celebrated their 100th school day in a variety of ways. Math Olympiad has just been added to the roster of before and after school clubs at Haller. “The Incredible Years” Parenting Program has started, and continues every Thursday night through May 11. The Cougar Conflict Mediation Program is running smoothly. The fourth grade students work with the younger kids and fifth grade students work with all grades, practicing problem solving by building a bridge and crossing over it. Greywolf Elementary congratulates to fifth grade student Madison White, who illustrated the winning cover of the Greywolf Elementary yearbook, and just weeks later, entered and won the Irrigation student button design contest! Last week over 70 Greywolf Elementary parents and students attended Family Movie Night. The movie was “The Trolls” and it was a huge success; the largest crowd ever!! Congratulations to teacher Bethanie Robbins who coordinates Greywolf Movie Night! On the 15th of February, Greywolf Elementary fourth graders took the National Assessment of Educational Progress test. Greywolf sends special thanks to Patra Boots who planned and oversaw the whole testing process. Greywolf Elementary is sending Krista Chatters, Karla Wiker, Jennifer Lopez, Pam Landoni and Donna Hudson team to the National Title 1 Conference in Long Beach, California this week. Currently, there are seven 5th grade students are taking part in a 5th grade book club sponsored by the Soroptimist Club, reading “Because of Winn Dixie”. The book club is coordinated by Krista Chatters and co-hosted by Lissa Karapostoles.
  • Student Board Representative Kaylee Gumm reported that Sequim Middle School will host (2) Honor Roll dessert celebrations on Wednesday & Thursday evening at 7pm in the Sequim Middle School cafeteria. Friday, February 24 from 3pm to 5pm is the Sequim Middle School Winterfest celebration for students. It's a free and fun-filled for the entire student body. Congratulations to 8th grader Olivia Preston, who took 1st place in the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest. At Sequim High School the wrestling and swim/dive advanced to state tournament play. Grant Pierson placed 5th and Kiara Pierson placed 3rd for wrestling, and Matthew Craig placed 4th for diving. Sequim High School ASB is hosting the Tolo, with a Mardi Gras theme, on Saturday, February 25 from 7pm to 11pm in the High School cafeteria. Spring sports start next Monday, February 27.
  • Our Student Board Representatives presented a short slide show regarding the recent “Day on the Hill”, where they, Superintendent Gary Neal and board members Robin Henrikson and Jim Stoffer, attended workshops and met with legislators in Olympia. Discussion followed.

PUBLIC COMMENTS - The Board believes that public comments are a very important connection between our community and the Board. This time is set aside for receiving both written and oral communication. (Ref. Policy 1400, 1623, and 1620P)

President Henrikson asked first for Comments Regarding Agenda Items.

  • Ms. Joan Ritchie urged the board carefully consider before deleting Procedure #5280P – Termination of Employment. She passed out an article from 2012 that regarding a collective bargaining contract in Michigan where teachers were given more lenient consequences than students if found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school.

President Henrikson asked next for Comments Regarding General Items.

  • Mr. Ayden Humphries asked that the Sequim Middle School policy that 6th graders cannot change their elective mid-year be changed.
  • Mr. Brian Kuh reported that Citizens for Sequim Schools is debriefing about the recent levy campaign and fine-tuning their strategy. He thanked everyone who helped make the successful campaign possible.
  • Ms. Karla Richardson thanked the Board and Citizens for Sequim Schools for all their efforts to produce a successful levy campaign. She commended Superintendent Gary Neal for his leadership and compassion and Dr. Ann Renker for her mentorship.


  • Director Howe thanked Citizens for Sequim Schools for running a different type of campaign, with excellent results. He also thanked Ms. Ritchie for her concern and expressed his opinion that school district collective bargaining should be open to the public, like in Pullman School District. He congratulated our Student Board Representatives for their professionalism and advocacy representing Sequim School District at the Legislative Conference. Director Howe suggested the board review Policy #1450 – Absence of a Board Member.
  • Director Short thanked Citizens for Sequim Schools for their efforts in the recent successful levy campaign.
  • Director Stoffer expressed his gratitude for the vote of confidence and support from our Community, and for Superintendent Neal’s vision and leadership and thanks to the Citizens For Sequim Schools Team for their messaging and community outreach. The WSSDA Legislative Conference was extremely informative and Student Board Representatives Kaylee and Téa were outstanding – they got out in front and led the way and set the example for the adults. He is confident their presentation made a positive impact with the Legislatures. Information about the Conference is posted on the WSSDA Website and Director Stoffer recommend the community review the information and see the good work involved in the messaging of student needs. The Legislature is now about 44 days into the 105 day session. Friday, February 17 was the cutoff date for policy changes; which is the 1st major landmark where all bills in play needed to be voted out of policy committees. The Hot Topic and of major concern is the Levy Cliff Extension bill. The Senate is saying they have until 1 April to come up with a plan. Other bills of importance/interest include School Sitting; Capital Facilities/School Construction, Public Records Act Updates; SBE / OSPI Governance Roles, then the Federal Forest Revenue Deductions; then the House, Senate, & Governors Fully Funding Plans. Please see the Week 6 Update; which is posted in OneNote and available to the Public on the WSSDA Website or upon email request. The Bureau of Natural Resources is seeking public comment on the Long-Term Conservation Strategy for Marbled Murrelet and Alternatives for establishment of a Sustainable Harvest Level. WSSDA is recommending that districts provide comments though WSSDA and the Timber Lands Trust Fund will be submitting a recommendation.. Our Region 4 Washington State School Directors Association Spring Workshop is scheduled for May 20 in Bremerton at the Educational Service District Offices.
  • President Henrikson informed the board that Vice-President Horan will be stepping down from her position as Vice-President and nominated Director Short for the Vice-President position. Board Reorganization will be on the March 6 agenda. Both Director Henrikson and Director Short will be absent from the next meeting. There is a page in OneNote under Board Communication to add agenda items for the Summer 2017 Board Workshop. Director Howe wanted to add budgeting for board directors professional development and travel. President Henrikson met with the state auditor on February 14 for an entrance conference regarding the school district’s annual audit. The Washington State School Directors Association Spring Meeting is on Saturday, May 20. Anyone wishing to attend please contact Marilyn Walsh, who will make arrangements.

CONSENT AGENDA – REQUEST BOARD APPROVAL: Any item may be moved to New Business with a motion from any Board member.

a. General Fund Vouchers No. 187651 thru No. 187651 in the total amount of $1,463.63, with Voids/Cancellations in the total amount of $4,878.77; and No. 187652 thru No. 187754 in the total amount of $546,899.67.

b. ASB Fund Voucher No. 10761 thru No. 10774 in the total amount of $11,638.75.

c. Capital Projects Vouchers No. 2601 thru No. 2602 in the total amount of $3122.50.

d. Personnel - Employment with the District will be conditional upon the district’s receipt of a criminal conviction history record that is clear of any convictions, adjudications, protective orders, final decisions, or criminal charges in accordance with Washington State law and conditional upon receipt of a sexual misconduct Disclosure Form from prior Washington State employer(s), where employment was in a school setting, indicating that no sexual, verbal or physical misconduct materials were found in the records of such employer(s) pursuant to RCW 28A.400 and WAC 180-87-080.

1) Offer Classified Sequim Middle School Paraeducator position to Annabelle Thomas, for the 2016-2017 school year, effective January 31, 2017 as presented.

2) Offer Classified High School Special Education Paraeducator position to Taylor Sebring, for the 2016-2017 school year, effective January 31, 2017 as presented.

3) Accept Leave of Absence Request from Olivia Catelli, Helen Haller Elementary Kindergarten teacher, from approximately March 24, 2017 thru May 22, 2017 as presented.

4) Approve Leave of Absence Request for Norma Gorham, Olympic Peninsula Academy Math and Science teacher, for six weeks, or possibly longer, effective February 7, 2017 as presented.

5) Accept Letter of Resignation from Caihley Baker, Sequim High School Junior Varsity Cheer Coach, effective February 25, 2017 as presented.

6) Offer High School Assistant Baseball coach position to Preston McFarlen, for the 2016-2017 school year, effective February 27, 2017 as presented.

7) Accept Letter of Resignation from Tami Wall, Helen Haller Elementary Title 1 Math Specialist, effective immediately, as presented.

8) Approve two-day Leave Without Pay request from Allyson Cundiff, Helen Haller Assistant Principal, for May 11-12, 2017, as presented.

e. Declare as Surplus the following:



License #


White 1990 Dodge Caravan




Director Short moved to approve the Consent Agenda, Items ‘a’ thru ‘e’ as presented. Director Stoffer seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


a. Director Stoffer moved to Approve and Adopt at Second Reading Policy #5240 – Evaluation of Staff. Director Short seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


a. Director Short moved to approve the overnight travel request by Sequim High School Future Business Leaders of America to travel to Spokane Washington, April 19-22, 2017 to attend the FBLA State Conference. Director Stoffer seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.

b. Paul Wieneke, Executive Director of Human Resources, recommended the board DELETE Policy #5211 – Transfers because most transfers and reassignments for represented personnel are regulated by collective bargaining agreements and this policy can create confusion if it runs counter to such provisions. Non-represented personnel work in such varied and assorted positions that a comprehensive policy is difficult to apply to all situations. Discussion followed.

c. Paul Wieneke, Executive Director of Human Resources recommended the board DELETE Policy #5215 – Assignment and Transfer of Certificated Administrative Staff because it is an unnecessary reiteration of the procedure and process for transfer of certificated administrative staff pursuant to RCW 28A.405.230. Discussion followed.

d. Paul Wieneke, Executive Director of Human Resources recommended the board DELETE Policy and Procedure #5230 – Job Descriptions/Responsibilities due to the fact that Human Resources departments regularly modify job descriptions so listing them in policy is inappropriate. Discussion followed.

e. Paul Wieneke, Executive Director of Human Resources recommended the board DELETE Procedure #5280P – Termination of Employment those processes are regulated by state statute and collective bargaining agreements. Discussion followed.

The Board does not vote to delete Procedures, but must be informed of the action. Please see Policy #1310 – Policy Adoption, Manuals and Administrative Procedures, and Policy #1320 – Suspension of a Policy for more information.


a. Dr. Ann Renker, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning, shared with the board the results of the Community Needs Assessment which 570 households in the Sequim School District responded to. Discussion followed.

b. Heidi Hietpas, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, shared a number of January Budget Reports including a January Summary report and discussion of a General Fund budget amendment; the January 2017 General Fund Comparative report; the January 2017 Budget Status report; an update of the annual state audit happening now; and a 2017-18 Budget Calendar so board members are aware of budgetary planning for the next year. Discussion followed.

c. Superintendent’s Gary Neal reported that he did 43 levy presentations to different groups during the levy campaign. Next steps will be to put together job descriptions for project supervision and finance coordination. The good news is that the building permit for the Greywolf cross-laminated timber project was approved, so construction can begin shortly. The four classrooms will be ready for Fall 2017. Dr. David Engel will be facilitating development of a 6-year Strategic Plan for the district. A series of meetings will be planned, with community business leaders invited, every two weeks, beginning on March 30. Discussion followed.


President Henrikson drew Board Members’ attention to:

a. PDC Filing for Board members is open online. Due April 15th

b. Upcoming Board Meetings, etc.

    • Monday, March 6 – 6pm Regular Board Meeting
    • Monday, March 20 – 6pm Regular Board Meeting

c. Free and Reduced lunch percentages for February, 2017

d. Other items of interest:

    • March 2 - Read Across America (SHS students to HHE, SMS students to GWE), GWE Family Math Night @ 5:30 p.m. in the gym
    • March 6 – No School for Students, D-TRI for Staff, School Board meeting @ 6 p.m.
    • March 12 – Daylight Savings Time begins (spring forward)
    • March 16 & 17 – GWE Drama Club Presentation @ 6 p.m. in gym
    • March 22 – 25 – SHS Band to Heritage Festival in Anaheim
    • March 29 – SHS Choir Concert @ 7 p.m. in auditorium
    • March 30 – SHS Band Concert @ 7 p.m. in auditorium



At 7:08pm Director Short moved to adjourn the Regular Meeting. Director Stoffer seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.

President Henrikson called for a 12-minute recess, with the Board Workshop to begin at 7:20pm. The public was invited to attend.


President Henrikson opened the board work session at 7:20pm.

The Board discussed the process for filling a Board Vacancy as determined by Policy #1400 – Board Resignation and Vacancy.

President Henrikson passed out copies of the results of the most recent Board Self-Evaluation. Each Director took one area and made notes on what and data showed. Discussion followed.

The next Regular Board Meeting date was moved to Tuesday, March 7 due to scheduling conflicts.

President Henrikson closed the Board Workshop at 8:40pm.