November 21, 2016

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Monday, November 21, 2016 ~ 5:30pm Board Planning Workshop

President Henrikson opened the Board Planning Workshop at 5:30pm with all Board Members present.

• Board Members who attended the WSSDA Annual Conference shared information from the workshops they attended.

• President Henrikson displayed the Board Goals from the late summer workshop. There was consensus that substantial progress had been made on each goal, to date. Early in the new year, another workshop will be held to determine new goals for the second half of the school year.

• Superintendent Neal gave an update of progress made STEM Project Lead the Way. The goal is to have two classes in Bio-Med and two classes in Engineering at the High School for Fall 2017.

• The Board agreed to change the meeting start time to 6:00pm beginning with the January Board Meeting.

• The board discussed some proposed changes to agenda format, agenda order and possibly the program used to post the agenda and associated documents. No decisions were made, but possible changes may be acted upon following the next board workshop.

• As per Policy #1210 – Annual Organizational Meeting, the board will elect a Board President and Vice-President at the December 5, 2016 Regular Board Meeting. President Henrikson advised the Board that she would be absent from the December 5 meeting, but would accept a nomination to continue serving as president, if the board so desired. Discussion followed.

At 6:23pm President Henrikson closed the Board Planning Workshop and called for a short recess, prior to the start of the Regular Board Meeting at 6:30pm.

6:30 PM Regular Board Meeting


President Henrikson called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:30pm with all Board Members and Student Board Representatives present, noting the absence of Student Board Representative Téa Gauthun, who was excused. The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted.

PRESENT – A sign-in sheet was provided and those who wished to sign in are listed below:

Robin Henrikson, President Jack Walsh

Bev Horan, Vice-President Sonja Bittner, RN

James Stoffer, Director Stephanie Nash, Helen Haller Elementary

Heather Short, Director Trish Gain, Grandparent

Michael Howe, Director Tom Kelly

Ann Renker, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Heidi Hietpas, Executive Director of Finance and Operations

Paul Wieneke, Executive Director of Human Resources

Pam Landoni

Keith Curtis

Susan Dwyer

Erin Dwyer

Cathy Dao

Aaron Reno, Greywolf Elementary


Director Stoffer moved to approve the minutes from the November 7, 2016 Regular Board Meeting, as presented. Vice-President Horan seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


Vice-President Horan moved to approve the agenda as printed. Director Short seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


  • Student Board Representative Kaylee Gumm presented Téa Gauthun’s report, which she had submitted previously. At Helen Haller Elementary students are over ½ way to their goal of $12,000 in the PTO sponsored Turkey Trot/Jog-a-Thon. Students have been collecting pledges and will run on Wednesday morning. Mrs. Stanton has promised to wear a Turkey costume and run around the track if students make their goal. The funds raised will be going toward A Heart Tech plus system that will be used in PE. Parent/teacher conferences were well attended last week and parents were able to meet with specialists as well as teachers to discuss their child’s progress. The Annual Book Fair will be held November 28 – Dec. 2 in the Helen Haller library. At Greywolf Elementary they would like to offer early congratulations to Principal Stanton and Helen Haller Elementary on a great School Improvement Plan presentation. They would also like to thank Mrs. Riccobene on a very successful Book Fair. Greywolf Elementary had a great week of parent conferences and appreciate that time given by the district to meet with our families. Lastly, congratulations are in order for the staff and students of Greywolf Elementary on their recent Title 1 Award.
  • Student Board Representative Kaylee Gumm reported that the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support system is up and running. Students receive ROCKS tickets when they are caught doing something awesome. The tickets are used to purchase a wide range items at our school store. The new fundraising project (selling popcorn & cookie dough) surpassed previous fundraising efforts, when students raised over $12,000 for the school. Sequim Middle School parent-teacher conferences went well with an overall total of 50% attendance. At Sequim High School parent-teacher conferences went well and were more widely attended than in years past. Winter sports started practicing last week and will start games very soon. Mrs. Reichner is planning for a senior class field trip to Peninsula College to watch two Shakespearean plays. The ASB is hard at work planning the annual Winter Wishes assembly
  • Assistant Superintendent Ann Renker introduced Sequim High School Tech Buddies – Cathy Dao, Kyah Fukunaga and Erin Dwyer. They talked about a new Advanced Placement Computer Science Course launching in Fall 2016, helped by the award of a $10,000 Grant. Discussion followed

PUBLIC COMMENTS - The Board believes that public comments are a very important connection between our community and the Board. This time is set aside for receiving both written and oral communication. (Ref. Policy 1400, 1623, and 1620P)

President called for any Public Comment regarding Agenda items. No one wished to comment at this time.

President Henrikson called for any for Public Comment regarding general items.

  • Mr. Ken Stringer, representing Sequim CommunityPlus, informed the board of a recent “Conversations on Our Community” devoted to “Promoting Our School” that was attended by 42 multifaceted people. Mr. Stringer commended Student Board Representatives Kaylee Gumm and Téa Gauthun who have agreed to help put together a Youth Summit, planned for March 4, 2017.
  • Mr. John Walsh commented that he spent his entire working career working with computers and was pleased to see this work being carried on as evidenced by the excellent presentation shared by the Sequim High School Tech Buddies earlier in the meeting.


  • Director Short, Director Stoffer, President Henrikson and Superintendent Neal attended the WSSDA Conference in Spokane. All gave brief summaries of the workshops they attended.
  • Director Short commended President Henrikson and Superintendent Neal on their WSSDA workshop presentation regarding what we do as a small district.
  • Director Stoffer added that at Thanksgiving, he is thankful for his fellow board members and the work they do collectively for the students of Sequim. I am Thankful of our Staff, our Teachers…I am thankful for the leadership of our Superintendent. And we have lots of work to do!
  • Vice-President Horan continues to work on getting health care, and possibly emergency dental care, at the Dungeness Free clinic for students aged 17+. Discussion followed.

CONSENT AGENDA – REQUEST BOARD APPROVAL: Any item may be moved to New Business at the request of any Board member.

a. General Fund Vouchers No. 187131 thru No. 187230 in the total amount of $294,565.35.

b. ASB Fund Vouchers No. 10672 thru No. 10680 in the total amount of $11,763.49.

c. October Payroll in the total amount of $2,162,283.90

d. Personnel – Employment with the District will be conditional upon the district’s receipt of a criminal conviction history record that is clear of any convictions, adjudications, protective orders, final decisions, or criminal charges in accordance with Washington State law and conditional upon receipt of a sexual Misconduct Disclosure Form from prior Washington State employer(s), where employment was in a school setting, indicating that no sexual, verbal or physical misconduct materials were found in the records of such employer(s) pursuant to RCW 28A.400 and WAC 180-87-080.

1. Accept Letter of Resignation from Debbie Buchillo, Helen Haller Elementary Building Secretary, effective January 31, 2017 as presented.

2. Accept Letter of Resignation from Kathy Lopez, Special Needs Aide and Bus Driver, effective November 25, 2016 as presented.

3. Approve Request to Continue Leave of Absence to the end of the 2016-2017 school year from Isabella Morrison, Sequim Middle School Science teacher, as presented.

4. Accept Letter of Resignation from Andrea Dietzman, Sequim Middle School Paraeducator, effective November 21, 2016 as presented.

5. Approve Leave of Absence Extension through December 16, 2016 for Peter Harker, Sequim Middle School Paraeducator, as presented.

Vice-President Horan moved to approve the Consent Agenda, items ‘a’ thru ‘d’ as presented. Director Short seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


There was none at this time.


a. Vice-President Horan moved to adopt Eureka Math as the District K-5 Math Curriculum, as presented on November 7, 2016. Director Short seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.

b. Sonja Bittner, School Nurse, introduced Policy #2140 – Guidance and Counseling, Classified Discretionary. This policy is revised to reflect the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model of Counseling core principles. The suicide portion of this policy has been incorporated into its own policy and procedure. These changes have been vetted by our school counselors and school psychologists and our school nurse, who recommend approval. Discussion followed.

c. Sonja Bittner, School Nurse Introduced Policy #3420 – Anaphylaxis Prevention and Response, classified Essential. ESB 5104, which went into effect July 28, 2013, gives districts the ability to better prepare for student anaphylaxis events. The intent of the new law is to ensure that all students have greater access to the life-saving drug during an anaphylactic attack. It allows designated, trained school personnel to administer epinephrine from the school supply to students previously diagnosed with life-threatening allergies. Discussion followed.


a. Rebecca Stanton, Helen Haller Elementary Principal, presented the Helen Haller Elementary School Improvement Plan. Discussion followed.

b. Vince Riccobene, Sequim Middle School Principal and Rhonda Kromm, Sequim Middle School Assistant Principal, presented the Sequim Middle School Improvement Plan. Discussion followed.

c. Dave Ditlefsen, High School Athletic Director, presented the Fall & Winter Sports Report. Discussion followed.

d. Heidi Hietpas, Interim Executive Director of Finance and Operations, presented the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Financial Statements; Fund Balance Descriptions; Balance Sheets, the Year End General Fund Budget Status Report; and the Other Funds Report. Discussion followed.

e. Heidi Hietpas, Interim Executive Director of Finance and Operations, presented the September General Fund Comparative Report and the September 2016 Budget Status Report. Discussion followed.

f. Superintendent Gary Neal expressed his thanks to Ken Stringer and the CommunityPlus coalition in their work with the Sequim community; for our students who share their pride and passion for learning; for our Administrators who are working hard to provide opportunity and move our students forward; and for the District Office team, working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly; and for the school board, giving their time and energy on behalf of all students. He feels proud to be working in this district!

The new cross-laminated timber classrooms to be built at Greywolf Elementary are scheduled to perhaps be finished in April. Construction is set to begin as soon as permits are approved.


President Henrikson drew board members attention to:

a. Upcoming Board Meetings, etc.

o December 5 – 6:30 pm Regular Board Meeting

o TUESDAY, January 3 – 6:00pm Regular Board Meeting

o TUESDAY January 17 – 6:00pm Regular Board Meeting

b. Free & Reduced lunch status report for November

c. ♥ February 14 -- Levy Election Day!


Exit slips were passed out for the workshop and the meeting. President Henrikson reminded Board Members that she would be absent at the next meeting.


At 8:24pm Vice-President Horan moved to adjourn the Regular Meeting. Director Stoffer seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.

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