Sequim-Shiso Sister City Association

Coordinator:  Annette Hanson
Address:  Sequim Chamber of Commerce, 1192 East Washington Street, Sequim, WA  98382 (P.O. Box 907)
 For more information, e-mail [email protected] or phone (360)670-6774.

Sequim-Shisô Sister City Association

The Sequim-Shisô Sister City Association is a committee of the Sequim Chamber of Commerce. Members and interested citizens meet together regularly to enjoy cultural programs, plan activities, schedule visitations and student exchanges, support the Friendship Garden, and promote friendship and mutual understanding between our communities. 


1.   Friendship and Cultural Exchange-arranging tours, exhibitions, and home stay visits between citizens of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley and Shisô City.

2.   Education-providing greater educational opportunities for the students of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley and Shisô City through exchanges and home stay experiences.

3.   Community Involvement-expanding the range of experiences available to the peoples of Sequim and Shisô City, to foster greater participation in their communities.

4.   Commerce-responding to economic challenges and creating opportunities for sustainable growth for both communities by sharing ideas, commodities, and techniques. 

Sequim Student Ambassador and Exchange Program
Purpose of the Educational Exchange: 

  1. Promote friendship and mutual understanding between students of Sequim and Shisô  City, Japan;
  2. Teach Sequim students about Japanese culture, history and language through first-hand experiences;
  3. Broaden student perspective of international relations;
  4. Plan, prepare, and participate in international travel; and
  5. Share experiences with family, classmates, and teachers.