Science & STEM


The mission of science education in the Sequim School District is to develop scientifically literate, lifelong learners who have positive attitudes towards science. Student achieve when why have access to well-articulated, deliberately aligned common standards, vocabulary, curriculum, common assessments, and instructional practices across the district. All students will graduate from the Sequim School District with an appreciation of science and the skills and knowledge to:

  • Be careful consumers of scientific and technological information;
  • Continue to learn about science outside of school;
  • Engage in public discussions on science and technology issues;
  • Enter careers in science, engineering and technology, if they choose.

Learning Standards

Our students will develop a deep understanding of core science ideas through actively engaging in science and engineering practices and applying cross-cutting concepts. Our science programs align with the Washington State K-12 Science Learning Standards. As educators, we implement Ambitious Science Teaching, research-based instructional practices that align to the instructional shifts of the standards.