Equity Statement 6-26-20

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As our community grieves for the senseless killing of George Floyd and the many recent tragic events, a groundswell of support for citizens of all colors has turned that grief into action. In addition to peaceful demonstrations that have taken place, hard questions are being asked by all of us. Our engrained behaviors are being challenged as to whether they passively extend systemic racism and injustice.

The Sequim School Board stands in solidarity with our community by recognizing the shameful legacy of racism in our country.  We are determined to review our district and programs to ensure that equity for all students are achieved. We recognize the work that needs to be accomplished to close the equity gaps for students of color, historically disadvantaged groups, and under-resourced households.

We recognize the importance of our relationship with local law enforcement agencies. We are grateful for the ongoing collaboration with the Sequim Police Department (SPD) and Clallam County Sheriff’s Department; including our partnership with SPD who provides us with School Resource Officers (SROs).  SROs are a part of our district family and work hard to keep our students safe. We are extremely appreciative of the efforts of local law enforcement.

We know that the path to true equity is difficult, and that racism remains within our beloved community. The Sequim School District is dedicated to pursuing a learning environment that provides students with the best resources they deserve regardless of their social status or color of their skin. You have our unyielding commitment to work towards this righteous pursuit.

We continue to stand for equity, for our staff and administrators to be equipped with the skills to have these critical conversations with students and one another, to work together to build a community of  equity, safety, and belonging, to show our students how to imagine and build justice-driven futures.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Brandino Gibson
President, Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Clark

*Approved June 15, 2020 at the Board Meeting