December 5, 2016 Regular Board Meeting

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Preliminary Agenda Revised December 2, 2016  

Monday, December 7, 2015 ~ 6:30 PM Regular Board Meeting


  3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES  (REF POLICY 1440) – Request approval of the minutes from the November 21, 2016 Regular Board Meeting, as presented
  4. BOARD REORGANIZATION (REF POLICY 1210). It will be necessary at this time to conduct the Reorganization of the Board electing a President and Vice President. 
  7. PUBLIC COMMENTS - The Board believes that public comments are a very important connection between our community and the Board.  This time is set aside for receiving both written and oral communication.  We ask first that if you have comments, you come forward, introduce yourself and share your comments.  Comments will be taken in the following order:
    1. Regarding Agenda items
    2. Regarding general items
      Each speaker will be allowed 3 minutes and a red card will be held up when 30 seconds remains.  (Ref.  Policy 1400, 1623, and 1620P).
    1. Board president response to any action items from public comments
    2.  Regular board communication
    3.  Review last meeting’s exit slips 
  9. CONSENT AGENDA – REQUEST BOARD APPROVAL  (REF. POLICY 1420): Any item may be moved to New Business with a motion from any Board member.
    1. General Fund Vouchers No. 187231 thru No. 187294 in the total amount of $151,496.55.
    2. ASB Fund Vouchers No. 10681 thru No. 10705 in the total amount of $20,214.97.
    3.  Capital Projects Fund Vouchers No 2598 thru No. 2598 in the total amount of $7,172.23. 
    4.      November Payroll in the total amount of $2,160,875.96.         
    5. Personnel – Employment with the District will be conditional upon the district’s receipt of a criminal conviction history record that is clear of any convictions, adjudications, protective orders, final decisions, or criminal charges in accordance with Washington State law and conditional upon receipt of a sexual Misconduct Disclosure Form from prior Washington State employer(s), where employment was in a school setting, indicating that no sexual, verbal or physical misconduct materials were found in the records of such employer(s) pursuant to RCW 28A.400 and WAC 180-87-080.
      1. 1)   Accept Letter of Resignation from Kathryn Schaller, Sequim Middle School Special Education Paraeducator, effective December 5, 2016 as presented.  

        2) Approve Additional FTE for Doug Hastings, Greywolf Elementary Physical Education teacher, from March 16, 2017 thru June 15, 2017, due to extra- large classes, as presented.

        3)   Approve Additional FTE for Carla Morton, Greywolf Elementary Science teacher, from November 30, 2016 thru March 15, 2017, due to extra-large classes, as presented.

        4)   Offer Certificated High School Social-Emotional Learning teacher position to Katie Ward, for the 2016-2017 school year, effective November 28, 2016 as presented.

        5)   Accept Letter of Resignation from Vickie Helwick, Sequim Middle School Reading Support teacher, effective November 25, 2016, due to a change of teaching assignment.

        6)   Offer certificated Greywolf Elementary Music teaching position to Vickie Helwick, for the 2016-2017 school year, effective November 28, 2016 as presented. 

    6. Declare as surplus Kubota tractor Model L260, Serial Number #18615, condition Scrap, as presented.
    7. Approve Overnight travel request for the High School Boys Basketball team to travel to Seattle for a basketball tournament on December 28-19, 2016 as presented.
    1. At First Reading Policy #2140 – Guidance and Counseling.  This policy is revised to reflect the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model of Counseling core principles.  The suicide portion of this policy has been incorporated into its own policy and procedure.  These changes have been vetted by our school counselors and school psychologists and our school nurse, who recommend approval.  Classified Discretionary.  Sonja Bittner, School Nurse
    2. At First Reading Policy #3420 – Anaphylaxis Prevention and Response. ESB 5104, which went into effect July 28, 2013, gives districts the ability to better prepare for student anaphylaxis events. The intent of the new law is to ensure that all students have greater access to the life-saving drug during an anaphylactic attack. It allows designated, trained school personnel to administer epinephrine from the school supply to students previously diagnosed with life-threatening allergies.  Classified Essential.  Sonja Bittner, School Nurse.
    1. For First Reading Policy #1400 – Meeting Conduct, Order of Business, and Public Comment.  The only change is to the regular scheduled meeting time, from 6:30pm to 6:00pm.  The current policy includes the statement, “…or at other times and places as determined by the presiding officer or by majority vote of the board.” Classified Essential.
    2. Introduce Policy #3246 – Restraint, Isolation and Other Uses of Reasonable Force.  OSPI has issued newly revised regulations on Chapter 392-172A, WAC pursuant to HB 1240 which passed in the 2015 legislative session. HB 1240 impacted use of restraint and isolation for ALL students, not just those with disabilities. That’s why this update to Policy/Procedure 3246, Use of Restraint, Isolation and Other Uses of Reasonable Force needs approval, even though Sequim School District does not employ the use of Restraint or Isolation.  Classified Essential.  Shelley Langston, Executive Director Learning Support Services.
    3. Introduce Policy #5281 – Disciplinary Action and Discharge.  The policy has been updated to clarify: 1) that the law does not require discipline in every situation; 2) that sufficient cause is necessary for disciplinary action or discharge; and 3) that reports of child abuse or neglect must be reported to CPS, law enforcement, OSPI and parents as required by law. The procedure has been deleted because it is an unnecessary reiteration of the policy, RCWs and applicable collective bargaining agreements.  Classified Discretionary.  Paul Wieneke, Executive Director of Human Resources.
    4. Discussion and Decision of the Pro-Con Statement Committee for statements to be included in the Voter's Pamphlet, both for and against the E P & O Levy and the Capital Projects Levy, -- Heidi Hietpas, Executive Director of Finance and Operations.
    1. Olympic Peninsula Academy and Sequim Options School Improvement Plan – Randy Hill, OPA Principal, Sequim High School Assistant Principal
    2. Sequim High School Improvement Plan – Shawn Langston, Sequim High School Principal
    3. 2016 United Way Campaign Update – Patsene Dashiell, Communications Director
    4. Update on TPEP and 2016-2017 Professional Development– Dr. Ann Renker, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    5. Superintendent's Report
    1. Upcoming Board Meetings, etc.
      • December 7 – 5:30pm Celebratory Dinner for Greywolf Elementary’s Distinguished School Status in High School cafeteria
      • Tuesday, January 3 – 6pm (new time) Regular Board Meeting changed from Monday, January 2 due to Holiday
      • Tuesday, January 17 – 6pm Regular Board Meeting changed from Monday, January 16 due to Holiday
      • February 12 & 13 – Legislative Conference in Olympia
    2.      Holiday Concerts and Special Events
      • Wednesday, December 7 ~ Middle School Band Concert @ 7pm SMS gym
      • Tuesday, December 13 ~ Middle School Choir Concert @ 7pm SMS cafeteria
      • Wednesday, December 14 ~ High School Choir Concert @ 7pm Auditorium
      • Thursday, December 15 ~ High School Band Concert @ 7pm Auditorium
      • Monday, December 19 thru Thursday, December 22 – District Office OPEN from 8:30am to 3:00pm
    3.  District Office Hours during Winter Break
      • Friday, December 23 thru Monday, December 26 – District Office CLOSED
      • Tuesday, December 27 thru Thursday, December 29 – District Office OPEN from 8:30am to 3:00pm
      • Thursday, December 30 thru Monday, January 2 –District Office CLOSED
    4. Tuesday, January 3, 2017 ~ Back to School!
    5.   Enrollment for the month of December, 2016
    6. Free & Reduced Lunch Percentages for December 2016