1000-The Board of Directors


1000 Board of Directors

This series contains the bylaws of the Board, describes the terms of office and member responsibilities, the methods of governance, meeting structure, principles of operations, and development activities.

2000 Instruction

This series describes educational program development and resources, learning programs and supports, school organization, program supplements, and requirements and assessments.

3000 Students

This series focuses on students' enrollment and attendance, their rights and responsibilities, classroom management, corrective actions and sanctions, student welfare, and student activities.

4000 Community Relations

This series relates to communications with the public, relations with other agencies and schools, and public access to schools, staff and students.

5000 Personnel

This series describes the recruitment and selection of staff, employment practices, benefits, leaves, reimbursements for travel, auxiliary personnel, and employment practices.

6000 Management Support

This series includes elements of financial planning and management, revenues, rentals and community use of facilities, purchasing practices, risk management, transportation, food services, management of school property, and capitol projects.