Child Find

Questions and Answers about Child Find

What is Child Find?

Child Find is a program to help determine if your child has a disability and helps to provide appropriate services. School districts are required to establish, implement, and disseminate to their school-based personnel and all parents within the district’s boundaries of responsibility written procedures for the identification and referral of all children with disabilities aged birth through 21, regardless of severity of their Disability. Children can be evaluated to determine if they have a disability or developmental delay.

(WAC 392-172A-02040) School districts shall conduct child find activities calculated to reach all students with a suspected disability for the purpose of locating, evaluating and identifying students who are in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of their disability. School districts will conduct any required child find activities for infants and toddlers, consistent with the child find requirements of the lead agency for Part C of the act.

Who may refer a child for a screening?

Anyone who has concerns about a child’s development or academic achievement may refer the student for screening (i.e., parents, family members, or school staff).

How do Child Find requirements apply to children and youth who are eligible migrant students or who are experiencing homelessness?

Referrals can be made from any source that suspects a child may be eligible for special education and related services. Therefore, persons such as employees of the school, district or other public agencies responsible for education or care of the child may identify them.

A Migratory child (migrant student) is a child who is, or whose parent, spouse, or guardian is, a migratory agricultural worker or migratory fisher, and who, in the preceding 36 months, has moved from one school district to another, to obtain or accompany such parent, spouse, or guardian, in order to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural or fishing work as a principal means of livelihood.
Federal Register, Part VII, July 3, 1995

(WAC 392-172A-0204)Child find activities must be calculated to reach students who are homeless, wards of the state, highly mobile students with disabilities, such as homeless and migrant students and students who are suspected of being a student with a disability and in need of special education, even though they are advancing from grade to grade.

How does child find identify students enrolled in private school?

The child find process is designed to ensure the equitable participation of parentally placed private school children with disabilities as well as to generate an accurate count of these children. After timely and meaningful consultation with representatives of private schools and representatives of parents of private school children with disabilities, Sequim School District conducts a thorough and complete child find process to accurately determine the number of parentally placed children with disabilities attending private schools located in the district’s boundaries.

(WAC 392-172A-02040) The child find activities shall extend to students residing within the school district boundaries whether or not they are enrolled in the public school system; except that students attending nonprofit private elementary or secondary schools located within the school district boundaries shall be located, identified and evaluated consistent with WAC 392-172A-04005.

What are the components of a screening?

Screening procedures shall include vision and hearing status and consideration of the following areas: cognitive or academic, communication, motor, social or behavioral, and adaptive development. Screening may also include observations, family interviews, review of medical, developmental, or educational records, or the administration of an instrument identified by the test publisher as appropriate for use as a screening tool.

How does Sequim School District meet child find requirements?

Posting notices in each school building (child find fliers are sent to buildings for display)
Public posting notices
Child find brochures mailed to school sites, county health department, head start programs, private schools, physician’s offices, day care centers, and other public agencies
Staff in-services

To refer a student, or if you have questions, please contact the Learning Support Services department at 360-582-3402.